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On 8th March, 2020, 5 (five) houses were burnt into ashes when the owners were out for day work in the field. Very little  belongings could be saved by the neighbours from the houses. The Village Council called an emergency meeting to provide relief measures to the victims families with the village NGO’s and the prominent persons of the village. The members of meeting decided to raise fund like cash, rice, clothes & utensils. It was also decided to report the matters to the Government of Mizoram for relief assistance. Accordingly, the matter was reported to the SDO (Civil) Tlabung and the BDO Lungsen. Enquiry was done from the BDO office but no relief measures have been provided till date.
The local NGO’s have collected cash, rice, clothes and utensils from the village and distributed these articles to the victims families along with some cash to meet the immediate expenses (but very small amount). The NGO’s have collected bamboos etc. to make some small huts for the victims families, as they’re staying in their relatives homes and some in the community hall.

The matter was brought to the notice of TGG Foundation by TUTPM, and they have asked us to call a meeting in the presence of the village head and other prominent people of the village to take the support of the local community to help in getting the natural materials and construction. At they're end the matter was presented to the  ethics committee for approval, who have requested for a written confirmation from the village head.  The TGG Foundation have received an official confirmation letter from the President of Village Council (PVC) on 26th April 2020, requesting for support and  authorising us to gain the necessary financial aid from the public to help them rebuilt their houses before the rain starts. 
They are overwhelmed by the participation of the village community and the NGos in helping the victims to meet the basics and collecting the natural materials available locally to start the construction work.

Finally, The TGG foundation have been able to raised fund according to the needs for the five fire victims families.

This development model is unique since the local community came forward to volunteer the construction work, TGG Foundation contributed the raw material cost that had to be purchased and TUTPM (a local NGO) monitored and coordinated the activities. A house with a budget of Rs.75000/- has been completed by just Rs.37110 + the effort put in by responsible humans. Another four houses will be constructed soon.