An Earnest Dhamma Appeal🙏

Dear Dharma Friend, As decided by the Management Committee of Maha Bodhi Buddhist Temple (MBT) Tuichawng-2, I am reaching out to you with lot's of Metta for a generous DONATION for construction of Maha Bodhi Buddhist Temple in Lunglei District, Mizoram, India.

It is said that through wisdom can the mind be freed from defilements, but Dana is also a prerequisite for propagation of Dhamma Practice, meditation, and Samadhi leads to wisely reflection, and wisely reflection leads (together with the power of Samadhi) to wisdom, and wisdom leads to detachment, and detachment leads to awakening.

The subject of this letter presents just such an opportunity and it is for the most worthy of causes-to support a place of worship and cultivation of mind, at MBT in southern Mizoram, India.

In so doing through your generous support make manifest the words of the most basic Buddhist prayer, to support the teachings of the Dhamma and Vipassana Meditation, the remembrance of the Buddha, and the followers of the Buddha.

Establishment and construction of a Concrete structure Buddhist Temple at this remote areas will serve the diverse spiritual needs of all Micro minority chakma Buddhists and non-Buddhists with warmth and spiritual openness. It will also serve as a center to teach and practice the techniques of meditation for the purpose of spiritual development. The students of Mahabodhi Residential School (MBRS) will get an opportunity to learn Dhamma through this Buddhist Temple.

At present, the temple is constructed with temporary structure with a donation made by Sir Clifford Carter of USA is an American Buddhist and meditation practitioner.

Now, we are trying to build it as concrete structure for permanent establishment of the temple.

The local people are mostly farmers and cultivators were unable to raise sufficient fund in financially as per the amount needed. But they used to make donation as per their possibilities from their earnings. All are indigenous poor Chakma community and follows Buddhism from time immemorial.

So, Please extend your helping hands to raise funds to build a Buddhist Temple at Tuichawng-2 in Lunglei District, Mizoram.

The contribution will help and in its entirety go towards a new Buddhist Temple.

By making a donation to your ability, you are indeed lending a hand to continue this precious effort to spread the lucid word of the Lord Gauthama Buddha.

So please help us with your donations to build the Maha Bodhi Buddhist Temple.

As we all know that, Buddha said in the Mindfulness Sutra: Whoever has built the support [statue] and supporting [temple] well and arranged a place and for the needs of the Sangha will always have more and more happiness and virtue. The virtue can never be wasted or lost, even for millions of eons. One who has built the holy body of Buddha (statue), the holy speech of Buddha (scripture), the holy mind of Buddha (stupa), the kungarawa (temple or shelf for Dharma texts), and establishes the monastery (Sangha), gains very extensive merit, which is never lost and always increases.

So, Let us share the wonderful and rare gift of Dhamma, learn it, understand it, and live

The plan estimate for construction of MBT can be sent if required.

Any amount of donation either big or small is heartily accepted.

May you all have the blessing by the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

Your's in the Dhamma,
With Metta,
Sudip Chakma
Fundraiser &
Volunteer of Maha Bodhi Buddhist Temple, Tuichawng-2
Lunglei District, Mizoram, India.
WhatsApp 91+9612602899

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Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta - May all beings be well, may all beings be happy, may all beings be free from suffering _/\_

A video for preparation of upcoming 3rd Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony is given below:-👇