Expressing Our Gratitude to Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers!

We Thanks to all our donor's and sponsor's for taking an interest in the work we do at MBRS, and for donating your time, resources and talents to help make our noble cause a great success!

We’re taking another opportunity to thank all of our donors, sponsors and volunteers for helping us building this educational institution at Tuichawng village.

We could not have establish a successful school without you, and the funds you helped us will go a long way toward supporting our underprivileged minority Chakma Children of Tuichawng and surrounding villages.

In Appreciation of Our School Sponsors and Donors There are so many ways individuals, companies and organizations contributed to our school in Tuichawng area. Many individuals and companies donated products, food, water filters, which helped us keep our costs low and create a great experience for our needy students.

We could not run this school without such generous donations from these donors and sponsors.

Thank YOU for supporting our school, and remember that your financial support make a difference to our school around Tuichawng and surrounding areas!