School Anniversary Celebration image
Founder’s Day — A Celebration to Commemorate the 5th Anniversary of MAHABODHI RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL, (MBRS) Tuichawng

Monday, April 5 was not just another day at MBRS. The day marked a significant milestone in the history of the school, the mbrs community, and the lives of those who were and are privileged to be a part of this remarkable community. With over 200 students, faculty and honorees present, the original circle drive filled with students and community members eager to begin the evening festivities. Opening remarks were made by Sir Sushil an energetic teacher body and Principal Sadak.

Special thanks to Sir Mohit an efficient and dynamic teacher of Mbrs for encouraging us to commemorate this school anniversary.

We were also honored to have Sir Mohit a teacher sponsored by 'Seeds of Love' organization whose vision and dedication helped bring us where we are today.

Today we embark on our next 5 years because of so many who have cared about children and supported our dreams and hopes for the school. Parents, teachers, in fact the entire community have joined together to become our extended Mahabodhi family. Their hard work and dedication have made mbrs who we are today. A lot has changed over the years. We are a much bigger and a much better school in so many ways. However, one thing has not changed, our purpose — To be a place where children are inspired to learn and where they thrive as individuals, a place filled with young people who care about each other and about making the world a better place.”

This truly was a special day of honoring the excellence that Mbrs has fostered.

Thank you to everyone to who attended, to those who have supported our mission for the past 5 years, and to those who will continue to allow the school to provide our students the best opportunity to learn, grow and excel as young people.

And finally, a special thanks to the founding President Sir Rajesh who took the challenge upon himself to provide a private, independent, and thriving school for our underprivileged children.